Water activities

Water activities for all.

Water activities proposed by the Aquaclub offer the advantage of being accessible to all ages, regardless of skill level, and in all seasons.

For toddlers
Toddlers found in water environments ideal play along with their parents. The fear of water does not exist in infants who enjoys excellent traction in the water. Enjoy these optimal conditions to give your child a taste of swimming in a fun and ideal. Small "splash" of shouting, and lots of shared happiness, this is what looks like a baby swimming session at Aquaclub.
Proposed activities: Aqua-Baby, Aqua Garden.

For children and teens
When you live as close to the ocean and nearby lakes, it is important that his children and teens are not afraid of water and can swim. It is also a sport they love full share with friends and girlfriends.
Proposed activities: Aqua-beginner, Aqua-Performance.

For adults and seniors
Swimming is a sport which stimulates all the body muscles and builds endurance. It shall seek an orderly respiratory and pulmonary allows joints to be unloaded from the limited body weight on the joints, soothes and relaxes. A Aquaclub, adults can practice different activities to keep fit, keep their line or just learning to swim. As for seniors, they are in the middle one of the few opportunities for physical activity, non-aggressive and non-traumatic.
Proposed activities: Aqua-beginner, Aqua-Performance, Aquaphobia, Prenatal Aqua, Water aerobics, Aqua-Back, Aqua-relaxation.


"To do good, without getting hurt!"

Water aerobics, or water aerobics, physical activity is an effective but gentle. With regular practice, anyone can maintain and develop its musculature, while refining the silhouette. Throughout the sessions, water aerobics allows you to gain flexibility, muscle strengthening and intensification of cardiopulmonary capacity. It is not necessary to be able to swim for this activity.

Aqua Relaxation

The Aqua-relaxation is ideal for seniors. The purpose of these sessions is to help you practice physical activity effectively, without pain, gently, sparing your joints and respecting the natural movements of your body.

Specific sessions for senior citizens, most suitable in terms of hours you are available.

For this activity, it is not necessary to know how to swim.


You suffer from back pain? Your doctor has recommended swimming to your back problems? Want to start an activity that can prevent these problems and that brings you wellbeing and relaxation? The aqua-back meets all these expectations.

To protect your back and spine, the course takes place in two stages. The first part is devoted to work to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles to relieve the spine, but also so you can rework the muscle groups that are most stressed because of your pain.

The second part is devoted to the practice of adapted swimming, with a working stroke technique, training specific to meeting the natural movements of your back.

For this activity, it is necessary to know how to swim at least 25 m.

For schedules, see directly with the lifeguards.


You are afraid of water?
Can you swim but fear the depth?
You do not put your head under water?
Water is not your element?

For adults, the primary cause of the fear of water is unfamiliarity with the environment. On the other hand, a learning undertaken in bad conditions can cause significant stress.

The fear of water is nothing irreversible! It is always possible to reconcile completely with water and enjoy water activities, at any age.

In a safe environment, respect and humanity, our lifeguards are with you during the acquisition of bases, and at your own pace.

Three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.


This is a new activity by Aquaclub, a flagship with water aerobics!

It concerns all age groups and causes less trauma than a workout room.

It allows to combine the benefits of cycling with those of swimming by working your body in an environment less restrictive, gently, to improve the tone of your muscles.

The activity is Aquabike ultimate cellulite and allows a cardiovascular work at your own pace.

Bicycles are also available for rent during periods open to the public.


Submit your baby early contact with water, is to open a field of experience and vast and rich discoveries.

Heated to 32 ° C, water supply, from the basin development, sensory stimulation and a unique and diverse support activities adapted to drive an early age.

The emotional climate of warm and safe this practice contributes to the psychological development and social awareness of the child.


Between 3 and 6 years, the child, less dependent on his parents, becomes capable of integrating into a group.

With a playful design of the pool heated to 32 ° C, your children grow in shallow water (less than 90 cm) and, through the games available, can develop their imagination, creativity and motor skills.

Parents are urged to attend meetings. Indeed, their presence is necessary to create an atmosphere of relaxation and fun, children's play taking its value in a good climate of relations with adults available.


Know how to swim is not limited only to learning classical medley, but reflects the ability of your child to sequence actions in the aquatic environment.

Above all he must learn to balance, breathe, move in water.

The first step in learning is devoted to the progressive acquisition of bases of behavior in water, then in a second time to the introduction to the techniques commonly used in swimming (breaststroke, front and back).

In all cases, the rate of progress of each child is taken into account and learning is adapted to his level of understanding, according to its fears or its achievements ...


These courses are designed for children who wish, after learning, improving skills learned, develop basic swimming, discover and learn the other three strokes.

Children will find in this physical activity energy expenditure, a better understanding of themselves and a good way of communicating and sharing with others.

They also relate to adults wishing to stay in shape with an activity whose intensity is matched to each.

Relaxation is the key word, no performance is expected.

Warning: this course is for people who know do not stop in 25 m swim of their choice (even if the style is not academic ...).

Prenatal Aqua

The aerobics is an ideal activity for keeping fit during your pregnancy. During these sessions, you are surrounded by a team of lifeguards and midwives. The water gate, envelope, relaxes muscles and releases tension. The body weightless in water is relieved of its weight. This helps to protect your joints, tendons, and your back and can maintain a smooth exercise of the third month until the end of your pregnancy.

There are few cons to this practice-indications, medical advice is sought, however.

All activities are held during the holidays (excluding Christmas and summer).

For all these activities a medical certificate within 3 months is required.